Questions About Cosmetic You Must Know the Answers To

Atlanta Face and Body: Laser Liposuction Facts and Benefits Laser..

Questions About Cosmetic You Must Know the Answers To

Atlanta Face and Body: Laser Liposuction Facts and Benefits

Laser liposuction or laser lipo refers to a cosmetic procedure for removing body fat that is as effective as traditional liposuction without needing hospitalization. The laser lipo method utilizes lasers to break up fats before removing it through gentle suctioning. When it comes to laser lipo, the two types are internal and external liposuction. Internal liposuction involved the use of a laser that is attached to the suctioning device or the end of a fiber-optic probe inserted into the body area to be treated. External liposuction uses laser via a pad or a pen that is applied outside of the body before the start of the surgery.

The price of laser lipo depends on several factors such as the amount of body fat that needs to be removed because the larger is the surface area to be treated, the more expensive the liposuction will be. The price also depends on the reputation of the clinic and the cosmetic surgeon. Laser liposuction have great benefits over traditional liposuction including faster recovery time frame, reduced hospital stay, and reduced possible bruising. Who are the best candidates for laser liposuction? The best candidates for laser liposuction are those people with mild to moderate amounts of fat, mild to moderate skin laxity, and good general health. Laser liposuction can improve cellulite, scarring, and dimpling from previous surgeries. Laser liposuction is an approved and recommended procedure for the abdomen, thighs, arms, back rolls, knees, face, neck, and male breasts. Laser disrupts the fat cells targeting deep fatty tissues with less bruising as compared to traditional liposuction. The skin quality is enhanced with laser because it can be used in the skin’s superficial layer to heat the skin cells, thus stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. The last step is removing fatty oils and cell fragments, thereby creating the final reduction for a better body contour.

It is important to make sure that your cosmetic surgeon is educated and properly trained to perform plastic and cosmetic surgery. Remember that a laser liposuction, like any other cosmetic surgery, is a temporary solution and not a permanent solution to weight loss because you still need to have a healthy diet and maintain a regular exercise regimen. All cosmetic procedures can change your looks or appearance but the maintenance relies on your willingness to maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise, positive thinking, and maintenance of your ideal body weight. With Altanta Face and Body, laser liposuction is performed by an expert, qualified, licensed, trusted, reputable, reliable, and experienced cosmetic surgeon. For more details about Atlanta Face and Body, come and check our website or homepage now!

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