The Essentials of Teaching – Revisited

Tips for Learning French Pronunciation. Speaking fluent french does not..

The Essentials of Teaching – Revisited

Tips for Learning French Pronunciation.

Speaking fluent french does not end at knowing every grammar rule in the book and vocabulary. It is crucial that the letters be pronounced correctly. Unless learning French was something that was instilled in you as a child, chances are you will never be able to speak the language like the native speakers. Nonetheless, as an adult, you can be able to get a decent French accent. You do not have to give up everything else for this. The first thing is for you to learn the basic pronunciation of every individual letter. Some of the letters will require you to combine several sounds and when these letters are paired with others, the final sound might be totally different. If your native language is English, you may not be used to accents and it is easy to mistake the accents on French letters as decorations. Nevertheless, do not make this assumption if you want your learning to proceed well because they are meant to guide you in pronouncing the words correctly.

You can learn the different pronunciation symbols of the French language from the dictionary. Learning new words should be the order of the day because you have to expand your vocabulary base. Unless you know at least ten thousand French words, you have no hope of understanding and speaking the language like a native. You should get the big french dictionaries because many of the words are missing in the pocket ones. Do not stop at learning how to pronounce the letters but also put what you have learned into practice. The more you keep speaking the language the easier it will be for you to hold a decent conversation in the language. Ensure you listen to fluent speakers to get an idea of the language musicality.

Do not stop at listening to the words as they are spoken but also repeat them as you hear them. Mimicking words or even phrases several times helps you become better at pronunciation. When you are practicing on your own, you can do a recording so that you can playback and pick out the mistakes you made. For words with many syllables or tricky letter combinations, you should practice through reading them aloud. Depending on your mother tongue, you may find some letters difficult to pronounce than others. Even though you do not have native French speakers to listen to, if you learn how to pronounce the word correctly the first time, your accent will be just fine. You may be able to learn grammar with the aid of textbooks but the same does not apply to pronunciation. Go out of your way to find willing native speakers to hold your hand on this journey.

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